User Zormod
Gender Male
Age 28
First Mission 27
Missions Survived 1
Reason assigned to HMRC Arson
Status Inactive

While still alive, this character is no longer active in-game due to player inactivity.


At Character CreationEdit

Brown eyes, dark hair, pale skin, and scrawny.

Current, Out of ArmorEdit

See above.

In ArmorEdit

A man in a standard Sharksuit.

Personal InformationEdit

He tends to rub his hands together when idle and excited. He likes fire, that shock you get from a prank buzzer, and cats. Burnt down someone's house. Ended up here.

After LurkerEdit

Zekthal follows Dester and settles in Mesenchyme, where he spends several years compiling a lengthy tome about the use of "Space Magic" in U1. The book sells extremely well in Recursive Beast Universe, especially amongst those who were born or grew up there. Recursive Beast Universe is a non-origin universe and as such space magic doesn't work there, making the technology it talks about a subject of immense interest to those who have never seen it with their own eyes. Zekthal, along with many of his readers, leave Recursive Beast Universe and resettle on Hera or one of the planetary colonies nearby. Zekthal, with some governmental funding, pushes for the public use of low grade, heavily regulated manipulators and amps. He uses his book along with demonstrations of fire fighting using his own Microwave Amp to garner public support and acceptance of the wide spread use of such technologies. Upon the death of his physical body, he has his brain placed in a braincase and surrounded with "pimpmetal", and continues educate the public on the uses of "Space magic". He is meeting with relative success over many decades of work, and civilian Amps are becoming increasingly common.


Stat Levels
Name Points Initial Total
Strength 0 0 -1 -1
Dexterity 5 +1 0 +1
Endurance 0 0 0 0
Charisma 0 0 0 0
Mind 0 0 +1 +1
Fate 0 0 -1 -1
Intuition 0 0 +1 +1
Skill Levels
Name Points Initial Total
Handiwork 0 0 0 0
Conventional 0 0 -1 -1
Unconventional 5 +1 0 +1
Exotic 0 0 +1 +1
Auxiliary 0 0 +1 +1
Medical 0 0 -1 -1
Gen.Knowledge 0 0 0 0

One robot leg.




Other crap

  • Automatic infestation incerenator robot from Deep Infirmary, non-functional.
  • 0 Tokens

Mission HistoryEdit

Last levelup: 27

Mission 27 +5 Dex, +5 Uncon

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