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Events of the ER universe happens in far future, so it's good to know your history.

2000 - 2300: Colonization of solar system.
2300 - 2500: Colonization of very nearby stars and discovery of the physics phenomena that allows for the "Jumps" used to get around space faster.
2600 - 3400: Rapid expansion across the stars, First expansion
3400 - 3600: Discovery of Origin. Invention of field manipulators and matter converters, many wealthy systems begin mining for mass to convert rather then specific matter.
3613: Birth of The Doctor.
3700 - 3900: The Altered strain released, begins spreading, altered wars, massive recession across the galaxy, whole swaths of mankind cut off from each other, formation of UWM to combat Altered. Creation of Steve.
3900 - 4400: Reconstruction and beginning of second expansion era, UWM cements power as military and governing force. HMRC created.
4400 - 4700: Modern era during which most, if not all HMRC convicts on board were collected
4500: Last time Paracelsus' Sword docked and took on new convicts.
4700 - 4800: The time during which the events of the game have taken place.
4800 - ????: Allied Revolutionary Movement begins, capture of Hephaestus, release of Lurker in the Angles, population of other universes, end of world?

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