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Variable Laser Rifle "Spektr"
Category Conventional
Cost 5 tokens
Standard Clip Size Generator
Standard Clip Cost
Requirements At least 0 in Strength
Origin Sean Mirrsen (ARM)

Description: Developed as a successor to the Laser Rifle, this hand-held free-electron laser gives a considerable increase in firepower and versatility. Although the wavelength adjustments may be confusing to those unable to tell the difference between X-Rays and microwaves, the weapon functions just as well as a standard laser. Even better with the overcharge function, although forgetting to let it cool between shots may have undesirable consequences.


  • Multiple Wavelength firing modes
    • Microwave (MW): Scatters through and boils water, electrifies metal. Extra damage to unarmored flesh and electronics. Cannot be overcharged.
    • Infrared (IR): Plain laser similar to UV. May affect UV-resistant targets.
    • Visible Light (VL): Beam will be visible in any dust or smoke, and will light up the impact area. Can be any color. Otherwise similar to IR and UV.
    • Ultraviolet (UV): Plain laser similar to IR. May affect IR-resistant targets.
    • X-Ray (XR): Penetrates through flesh, penetrates armor as ionizing radiation, nasty damage to anything not behind ten tons of Battlesuit. Improves Extreme range bracket to (-1). Can only fire when overcharged.
  • Overcharge option: The Spektr can fire a devastating charged shot, with over double its maximum standard power, provided the following limitations are observed:
    • Before the charged shot, the weapon must be charged for 1 turn, and can't be fired on the same turn.
    • On the next turn after charging, the weapon must be fired, otherwise it will melt down.
    • Immediately after firing the overcharge, the weapon is considered "hot" until allowed to cool for 1 turn.
    • While the weapon is "hot", there is a 50% chance of meltdown every time it is fired or charged.
    • "Meltdown" results in the weapon firing a shot spontaneously, suffering permanent damage in the process. It can fire either forward, suffering damage that results in loss of overcharge function, or backward, completely burning out and potentially injuring the user.
  • Overcharge Shot

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