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Universal Chemical Thrower
Category Conventional
Cost 3 tokens
Standard Clip Size 10 burst canister
Standard Clip Cost 1 token
Requirements None
Origin Radio Controlled, Pancaek (ARM)

Description: The weapon itself is a simple thing, just a device for throwing liquid chemicals out at high speeds. The pressure comes from the ammo tanks, though there is a secondary small cannister with pressurized gas to clean out the tubing after a shot. A pilot light at the end of the barrel is used to ignite the namite, but can be switched off to use the sticky goop or to spray namite without igniting it.

Ammo: Canister containing 10 unites of contents, costs 1 token per cannister.

  • The namite canisters contain a highly flammable micture of napalm and thermite. This has proven to be rather effective against lightly armoured targets. It can burn through battlesuit plate, but this requires some time and requires the battlesuit to be relatively stationary.
  • The sticky goop canisters contain a two substances that mix together when shot. Upon exiting the barrel they form a foam which will stick to anything, after which it will expand and harden.
  • Liquid helium. Keeps your beer cold.
  • Doomsday. Your chem of choice for liquefying unprotected organics.
  • Haebi Acid. Very potent acid that can melt armor off from Avatar of War. Requires forcefield reinforced tubing to stop the weapon from melting itself. Reinforced tubing costs 2 tokens, but after it is installed the thrower can handle any chemicals.

In theory almost any liquid can be shot out of it, the above are just the standard options.

Designed in a joint effort between Miyamoto de Bergerac and Pancaek Nilys.

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