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Toxin Sac
Category Gene-Mods
Cost 5 tokens
Standard Clip Size
Standard Clip Cost
Requirements Endurance +1
Origin ARM

Description: This modification causes the body to grow a natural venom or toxin sack, which can be linked to fangs, hypodermic claws, or a breath mist system. This venom can be tailored to have a variety of effects, though this my mean an increase in price, depending on the desired effect.

The standard venom is a Tetrodotoxin that inhibits sodium channels. Prevents neuron firing by not allowing them to form electrochemical gradients. Alternatively, you can get an Amatoxin, which inhibits mRNA production. Neither are terribly fast, but the Amatoxin has a fatality rate of nearly 100%. Takes a long time to work though. We're talking over a week.

Incompatible with: None

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