Thundertron, (also known as Clankerbot or Suicide9000) is a walking tank built by Auron.

Appearance and designEdit

It is a large walking tank built from scrap metal and leftover spaceship parts. It resembles a spider, with 8 legs and 2 small arms, and is armoured with pieces of scrap metal and spaceship hulls, angled to deflect projectiles. The controls are a mess, with no indication what any buttons are supposed to do.

There is a large electrolaser cannon mounted on top.


Built by Auron Kell with a few other characters helping.

There was in incident when Simus was trying to dismantle it for parts. Auron attempted to shoot her, but he missed an hit a fuel tank instead which exploded severely injuring both of them.

Jack Hansan piloted Thundertron during Mission 12 and was fairly effective, until it lost a few legs.

Thundertron is currently somewhere on Hephaestus, rusting and forgotten about, and still not repaired.

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