This page details all the various assets, allies, and other elements that contribute to the greater war effort against the UWM, as well as the general state of the war.

State of the War Edit

((Tally starting from official beginning of the rebellion, M11))

Mission 11 Assault of Hephaestus: success, forge world taken

Mission 12 Defense of Hephaestus: major success, forge world defended, enemy fleet destroyed or captured

Mission 13 Assassination: major success, information retrieved, target neutralized

Mission 14 Cult Investigation: minor success, some artifacts recovered, cult not apprehended

Mission 15 Arctic exploration: massive failure, nothing recovered

Mission 16 The Heat is on: mission partial success. Data on hard disks were deleted, which was acceptable though.

Mission 17 Diplomacy on Q'Baja: major success, alliance secured, biotech facilities gained, UWM base destroyed

Mission 18 The Eater of Cold: mission success, some stones recovered, leader of country "mysteriously" killed and replaced with one more sympathetic to our cause

Mission 19 Spaceship takeover: minor failure, data acquired but Heabi spore planet wasn't lured to UWM territory.

Mission 20 Heabi Brain theft: major success, Heabi brain stolen, samples acquired.

Mission 21 Anomalous University exploration: Status pending full debrief.

Mission 22 Hero Killer: minor success: Arbiter destroyed, samples taken, colony destroyed before it could be fully explored.

Mission 23 Kidnapping Inc. : Success, quota reached but no sustainable trafficking established.

Assets Edit

Major Physical Assets Edit

  • Hephaestus, our forge world.
    • Shipyards, both orbital and ground based
    • Biochem forges and other dedicated factories
    • A Hammer cannon and laser turrets on the planet's surface, FTL jump point defenses and the laser turret/lens array in the system.
  • The Paracelsus' Sword.
    • Currently holds quite a few robotic sods, and some flesh sods.
  • Unknown number of Sword-class ships (ex-HMRC).
  • A combat fleet, composition not yet exactly defined
  • A transport fleet

Export Edit

These are things that are produced on Hep and shipped away to various locales to aid the war effort, going from trained sods to allies to weapons and supplies for insurgents.

Major Allies Edit

Q'Baja, providing biotech support and research data

Multimedia Edit

  • ARMISTICE VR Training Program

A number of videos and VR scenarios for training civilians how to succesfully rise up against the UWM. Made by Hasala and Pancaek.

  • Propaganda materials

Made by Charles and Lars.

Technology Edit

Various technologies we have access to that the UWM doesn't.

  • Stevebot
  • Sharkmist
  • Hexsand
  • Hexbug
  • blueraddite
  • Organic computers
  • Haebi organics
  • Dimension portals and pocket dimension generation

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