"The following is a section of text encoded with what we'll call The Doctor's Cipher. It was written in one of the Doctor's old lab books and left to his staff many years ago, shortly before his assumed execution. It passed through many hands before finding its way to a particular man and it is believed to have been one of several factors that lead him on a search that eventually drove him mad. You've met this man, twice now." [1]

The Doctor's Cipher Edit


Prize Edit

Avatar of War, or 50 tokens to the individual or individuals who can solve this Cipher and either sent to Piecewise via PMs or posted publicly in the thread. It is unclear if multiple individuals can get the prize if they solve the cipher independently and at the same time, so it's better to hurry up now.

Currently prize is reduced to 20 tokens since pw had to give hints three times.

Notes Edit

Piecewise mentioned that he encoded the text manually, so there is a very small but existent chance of a typo.

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