Official NameSULLEN MOON
Price5 tokens
BoxSeveral long, but shallow rectangular boxes bound together with straps.


Five long, but shallow rectangular boxes bound together with straps. Each box contains a small greenish, almost rock looking object that has clearly been cut. Apparently the pieces are all from a single, fist sized object that has been split several times.

Pieces are magnetically attracted to eachother and cannot be pulled apart with human strength after put together.

You put the last bit of the stone together. It snaps together with impressive force and then begins to change colors and size. By the time it's done, the thing has shrunk so that it can fit in your palm and has turned a dark black sphere, with visible star fields within. It has an almost catseye appearance, a sort of optical illusion or glow that follows your eye no matter how you turn the sphere.

Completely unaffected by lasers.

It appears to generate doorways to places on wish.

Believed to be similar to Timmy's Magical Ball.

Code DetailsEdit

Major Origin: Created By a non-intelligent process (CNI)
Secondary Origin: Sample of material which displays unique or anomalous properties properties(UM)
Type: N/A
Danger Rating: Unpredictable Risks:Minor (Ui)
Specific Threats: Hostile Sentience or intent (8) and Reality Distortion (30)



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