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Solid Light Protection Field
Category Conventional
Cost 6 tokens
Standard Clip Size
Standard Clip Cost
Requirements None
Origin ARM

Not everyone is able to handle a full solid light generator, so this is an automated system designed for use by our more Conventional Meatheads. It uses a sensor package to monitor the world around it and project a solid light barrier to block anything coming at it at high speed. And by high speed I mean anything more then a friendly softball lob. It's a bit wonky sometimes and isn't as powerful as the “Force field” tech, but its ability to reform and its compact size make it invaluable for stopping conventional weapons. It won't stop a heavy gauss round, but it will slow it down a hell of a lot, and it will stop a guass round cold, and is particularly good against directed energy. The major downside, however, is that it tends not to play nice with many forms of “Space magic” and high speed movements can cause it to activate. Having it on while you dart around with your mk III might end up with your bullets hitting the “inside” of the shield wall. And obviously, you can't shoot out while it's on.

Ammo: No ammo, however it does require exposure to light in the 600-700 nanometer wavelength.

A nondescript metal box with a convex light absorbing metal protuberance on top.

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