Post-Missions 19-20Edit

No prototypes anymore!

From Heph to SwordEdit

New Armory stock:

From Sword to HephEdit

  • Haebi brain sample (M20)
  • Any other Haebi flesh samples (M20)
  • UWM research ship data (M19)

Post-Missions 16-18Edit

From Hep to Sword Edit

To Be Stocked in the Armory

Anton Edit

  • 3 Plasma Stake weapons - Battlesuit sized, with two autoloaders for optional installation, plus ammo
  • 1 "Zarya" Piercing Energy Weapon prototype

Saint Edit

  • Heavy robotic body, which is the lightened Battlesuit design.  It might be overkill to send three of them though
  • Sharksuit armor prototypes
  • 1 Assaultsuit

Charles Edit

Maurice Edit

  • 3 MCP-II with fleshknitter tank upgrade each
  • 2 "Aqua Mortis" fleshknitter cans

Aresteve Edit

  • mindfuck gun prototype
  • teleport system prototype
  • sods (how many? What kind?)
  • Pill machine (need confirmation, but Simus is braindead)

From Hep to Q'Baja Edit

  • sods (how many? What kind?)
  • Hammer parts

From Sword to Hep Edit

  • (any artifacts of mission batch)
  • teleporter gun

From Q'Baja to Hep Edit

  • (science crews? Maybe?)

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