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Rocket Rifle
Category Conventional
Cost 6 Tokens
Standard Clip Size 50 rockets
Standard Clip Cost 3 Tokens
Requirements 5 Strength or Robotbody
Origin Standard

Description: This thing fires a lot of high speed, explosive rockets instead of bullets. It's a modified version of certain automated guns used in the Altered Wars, though much smaller and no longer controlled by computers with a perfect sense of distance. The rockets are quite powerful, like little frag grenades, but they have a downside: Their range is finicky. It takes a bit for the internal systems to activate so if you are firing at something close to you, the rockets will hit but not detonate. Too far away and they tend to just spray out all over the place, losing accuracy and hitting the ground. At the right range it's deadly, at the wrong range, you're dead.

The "Sibilus" Rocket/Gauss Hybrid Rifle is an updated version of this rifle that does away with the range restriction. While costlier, it is recommended you buy that instead, if you really want to fire rockets at people/aliens/teammates.

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