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Robot body
Category Implants
Cost N/A
Standard Clip Size N/A
Standard Clip Cost N/A
Requirements N/A
Origin Standard

The standard robot body that ARM members are put into when their fleshy body is destroyed. Looks sort of like an anatomical model, with dark black muscles and shiny chrome metal bones, and some metal plating covering it. Better than a human body in almost every way.

The head looks like a crash test dummies with a blank face that can display emoticons through a minimalist holographic display. The display projects points of light a very small distance above the user's face that the user can alter to form emoticons.

Armory Master's description:Edit

"Standard Brain bot looks like. Well, you've got lots more eyes now. Got two under that plastic face shield, those are the ones the cam eyes will replace, one on the back of your head, one on the tip of each pointer finger, one on the instep of each foot, and one on the side of each arm. 360 degrees of vision. All ya gotta do is think about looking out of each one to see.Word of warning though, don't try to do more then two eyes at a time. Human brain is hardwired for 2. You start doing 3 or more and you're going to get nothing but a blur and a headache.

You're heavier now too. About, oh, 300 pounds. Your limbs are strengthened enough to get you around like a ballerina to compensate though. As a consequence of this weight and new strength you're gonna pack more ooph into your punches and kicks if you use em. Not super human, mind you, just professional kick boxer levels.

You've got the standard light amps for your eyes and lamps as well. Oh, and the brain buffer. Since that bot is plugged straight into your brain it's designed to cancel interference and stabilize abnormalities. Long story short, it will help protect you from the feed back effect of Amps. Not make you immune, mind you, just help."

Other notes:Edit

Wrists can rotate 360 degrees.

Has a small maintenance panel on the back, which can be opened to display the following (with the below replaced with messages relating to the body's condition):

  • >Skeletal system: Intact
  • >Musculature: Intact
  • >Sensory systems: Functioning.
  • >Internal performance limiters: online
  • >Life support systems: Functioning
  • >Brain-case: Secure
  • >Organic controller: Normal.

The internal performance limiters can be deactivated, which greatly increases strength but makes you break everything you touch and damages your body.

One can also mess with the chemical cocktail fed into the brain to simulate a connection with a real human body. That way you can try to, for example, pump yourself full of adrenaline or knock out a rampaging teammate with a mix of sedating hormones, but messing this up can have very bad side effects.

Other systems of the body are also available to be messed with, if you're feeling lucky.

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