Rainbow Cannon


Size Large
Colour Red
Shape Hexagon
Line No Line


A rifle that merged with Gilgamesh's (battlesuit) hand when it picked it up. Has a dial that can select the following colors: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Each color has a different effect when the trigger is pulled. After selecting a color, a pictogram appears in Gilgamesh's HUD, related to the effect.

  • Red Sunbeam: Plasma Beam, as hot and powerful as a miniature solar flare. Destroys everything that is not a battlesuit with a mere sweep, and severely damages battlesuits. A concentrated beam on a battlesuit can probably melt it to unusability, if it doesn't outright destroy it. Drains battlesuit's power and leaves it immobile for a while.
    • Pictogram: Fire
  • Orange Desolator: A relatively wide radiation beam, powerful enough to cause buildings to catch fire at a great distance.
    • Pictogram: Radioactivity symbol
  • Yellow Minelayer: Sticky Energy Mines. They attach themselves to whatever they are shot at and explode when something messes with them. If whatever they are stuck on breaks or if they can't attach themselves to whatever they are shot at, then they explode.
    • Pictogram: A ball with circular lines radiating out around it.
  • Green Shotgun: wide Shotgun-like light that creates spheres that dissolve stuff whenever it hits something.
    • Pictogram: Wave/Burst.
  • Blue Lightning: Some kind of lightning gun. Probably has some alternate effect, like chain lightning or lightning explosion when hitting living things. Repeated trigger pulls consume exponentially more power and become more powerful as a result, causing the weapon to transform in the process. Acts as some sort of weather control device or lightning storm creator when the trigger is pulled repeatedly while pointing at the sky. In that mode, the gun starts drawing tremendous amounts of energy to provide power to the storm and cause it to grow. When the gun is switched off, the storm stops growing but remains in the area for quite some time.
    • Pictogram: Lightning bolt over a Starburst pattern
  • Indigo Hydra: Hydra gun, where each head aims at changes in front of it (movement, blinking lights, etc.). Living targets (or what the gun senses as living targets) are given priority when the heads are selecting targets. When the trigger is pulled each head fires a plasma beam with effects similar to that of a cutting laser. The heads also move around when firing, which usually results in its target getting sliced in half.
    • Pictogram: Lines
  • Violet Overcharge: Charged shot. Fires a purple plasma bolt. Blows up and melts holes into whatever it hits. The longer the trigger is pulled, the greater the power of the shot.
    • Pictogram: The HUD symbol is a sort of swirly ball with squiggly lines going into it.
  • No Color: Safety. Doesn't fire. No pictogram, although a slight distortion remains at the suit's hud.


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