Punch Many Things is a Virtual Reality fighting game. You fight various opponents in various environments.


  • Round 1: A little girl. She's known to be actually most difficult opponent in the game, easily dodging you pathetic excuses of punches. She's also equipped with a program to insult you and exploit your weaknesses. She also seems to be a precocious sadist. Only few people have ever won against her without cheating (Lukas, Jim and Leo). I hope they are proud about themselves, beating a little girl... Grate managed to befriend her and bring her into the Poacher simulation.
  • Round 2: Unarmed man.
  • Round 3: A tall man with a knife or metal pipe. Has dex bonus.
  • Round 4: A big muscular man with a metal bat.

High scoresEdit

TODO: A list of characters who beat most opponents. Include cheaters.

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