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Pocket Dimension
Category Misc
Cost 15
Standard Clip Size
Standard Clip Cost
Requirements None
Origin ARM

A system created using data gathered from Mission 2 and the late Morul's Void Suit. Allows for the creation of artificial pocket dimensions. The actual machine which allows for this is quite large, far too large to carry anywhere, but the dimension's spacial location can be varied, so while the machine itself sits safely on the ship, the dimension can be called to the user via a handheld interface. The dimension itself is of limited size, about a cubic mile, but its qualities and contents can be changed to fit the user's desires.

The “Entrace/exit” of the dimension is much smaller than the dimension itself and seems to coexist with the “main” dimension, so that it does not “displace” material it appears on top of or within.

Highly experimental and a great deal is undocumented and will require user experimentation.

The remotes are point and click, in the sense that the remote needs line of sight to where you wish to open the portal.[1]

Extra remotes are 3 tokens each.[2]

Modifying the dimension parameters takes Aux, but can only happen in the generator's location. It can't be done remotely, although you could possibly ask from someone on ship to go to the generator and do it.[3]

The parameters of the dimension can be modified to almost any extent, to the point of creating black-hole equivelant gravitational strengths. However things or effects created in the pocket dimension tend to be quite limited outside of it, to the point where objects generated in it fall apart very quickly. Furthermore, very powerful effects like the aforementioned black holes will probably be enough to cause the portal to become unstable and collapse. [4] And as a new and unknown device, pushing it to the extreme like that could also have other harmful effects.


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