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Plasma Projector
Category Conventional
Cost 15 Tokens
Standard Clip Size 3 shots
Standard Clip Cost 3 Tokens
Requirements 12 Strength or Exoskeleton
Origin Standard

Description: Otherwise known as the lavalamp cannon. This thing fires globs of high energy plasma trapped inside a bubble shaped magnetic field. When it makes contact with something solid, the object passes through the magnetic field and into the burning maelstrom inside. Leaves basketball sized, perfectly spherical holes in anything that gets in it's way until the plasma inside cools or is runs out as it melts through other matter. Because of limitations with the Field Generator, the plasma ball only moves at roughly 90-120 miles an hour, meaning people a few hundred feet away will see it coming, step to the side and then laugh at you as it drifts by. As such, make sure to take take them by surprise. The weapon itself is massively heavy, and combined with the way it fires, it has limited use. Perfect if you want to burn a nice hole through just about anything, but still limited.

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