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Piezo-Electric Shard Launcher
Category Conventional
Cost 13 Tokens
Standard Clip Size 30 shots or 3 charged volleys
Standard Clip Cost 4 Tokens
Requirements 12 Strength or Exoskeleton
Origin Standard

Description: There's a lot of complex crap going on here with the flash solidification of crystal matrices, electrical repulsion and sophisticated metamaterials. That's not important to you; what's important to you is that this gun shoots 2 foot long shards of crystal that impale their target and then explode into electricity. And what's better is that if you hold the trigger rather than just squeeze it, you can drain more of the tank and then fire 10 of those crystals at once. Designed to counter thick armor via extreme penetration and electrical discharge, but will be pretty damn overkill on normal opponents, and might even be less effective depending on the situation. A situational weapon, but great at what it does.

The ammunition is a tank of concentrated crystal solution about the size of a propane tank.

Secret feature: It has the ability to "Print" explosive objects made of the crystal it uses.

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