Origin was the source of most original space magic. It was used to create Psychokinetic Amplifiers, Field Manipulators, Kinetic Amplifiers, Synthflesh, and a great deal of genetic modifications (including The Altered).

It was originally found mostly via backtracking and tracing the movements of Anomalous planetoids. Doctor VonNost was one of the lead scientists who researched it.

The Origin is the eggs of god. Humans and reality are nothing more then a complex reproduction system. There are many universes created to increase the chance that this particular god gets reborn.

The "God" in question is the source of the matter and energy in our universe. It was our big bang. And it made the laws of our universe. And it left the origin objects with the express purpose of beings that evolved in this specially made universe finding them. Because it cannot make more of itself and it has an expiration date. So it creates a universe with beings that can, with guidence, create a copy of it. The Altered was humanity fucking that process up. The chances of any particular universe being "Fertilized" is small, so it creates many. It is a god bound by rules.

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