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Organo-Chemistry Overrider Psychokinetic Amplifier
Category Exotic
Cost 15 Tokens
Standard Clip Size N/A
Standard Clip Cost N/A
Requirements 15 Willpower, 12 Charisma
Origin Standard

Description: An upgraded version of the Neural Connector that allows the user to freely manipulate the body chemistry of the target. A boring man would simply stop the target's heart or melt their brain, while a clever man could hijack an alien's body and pilot it around or even completely rewrite their brains and turn them into passive drones. Feedback with this Amp tends to have rather messy results.

Like Manipulators, Psychokinetic Amplifiers are Black Box items, and are prone to explosions if you try to open them up. They're also surgically implanted into your head, so you won't have much chance to do this.

This amp is better at mind control than the Neural Connector but worse at mind reading.[1] It is still good enough to extract large amounts of memories from an unconscious person though, as demonstrated by Lars during Mission 13.

This amp is worse at large scale modification of the body than the Organo-Tissue Dominator but is better at more delicate small scale modification (e.g. genetic modification).[2] Using this amp that way might require an intelligence or medical roll on top of the exotic roll.[3] That doesn't mean the Organo-Chemistry Overrider can't be used offensively, as it has been demonstrated to be capable of cutting gashes in the flesh of inmates.[4]

Note that the effects of this manipulator can be resisted with sufficient willpower, "because the box listens to whoever is talking the loudest."[5]

This amp is standard equipment for Urban Executors.[6]


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