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Organo-Tissue Dominator Psychokinetic Amplifier
Category Exotic
Cost 15 Tokens
Standard Clip Size N/A
Standard Clip Cost N/A
Requirements Exotic Weapons skill of +2.
Origin Mission 2

Description: A piece of technology made possible by technology recovered by Mason Locke and Ivan Yankovichy. Allows the user to freely manipulate the organic tissue of most known lifeforms, including themselves. Such manipulation is subject to the law of the conservation of mass, so don't try to grow an extra arm unless you want to end up sucking 1 arm's worth of carbon out of the rest of your body. Then again, if you were to get some flesh from somewhere else...

AKA the fleshwarping amplifier. See Xan, for similar abilities.

Like Manipulators, Psychokinetic Amplifiers are Black Box items, and are prone to explosions if you try to open them up. They're also surgically implanted into your head, so you won't have much chance to do this.

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