Number Gun


Size Small
Colour Red
Shape Pentagon
Line Diagonal Line


Number Gun. Looks like a radar gun with a dome shaped front, and a number pad and lcd screen on the back. The number pad has no 0.

Causes different effects depending on what numbers are inputted.

Known effectsEdit

  • 1: fires a sort of shockwave or blast of physical force
  • 2: Seems to fire a wider shot then normal. There's a glow and a small air burst, but nothing that does damage.
  • 3: fires a shot that explodes.
  • 4: No visible effect.
  • 5: No visible effect.
  • 6: will arc electricity if you get close enough to the target, but in the vacuum it doesn't travel far.
  • 7: Something appears to strike the target but it's hard to tell what it does. The target just kind of wiggles a bit.
  • 8: Fires an odd beam, a sort of impossible bluish yellow, something that, by all rights, should be beyond the normal spectrum of human vision. It hurts eyes.
  • 9: Fire a black pellet.
  • 13: Fires a sort of burst of physical force that flies out and explodes on the target.
  • 42: No effect when fired into space. Try again in atmosphere.
  • 387: Target seems to collapse inwards and then explode back outward.
  • 475: there's a burst of reddish light and a great sucking noise. When the light passes there's nothing left of the men save for a small smooth crater and a spike in heat and radiation.
  • 1337: Creates a a large explosion of imploding gravitomic forces.
  • 4913: Fires a pea sized black object that flies out with about the same force as a bullet and explodes when it hits the target.


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