Nekarios "Nick" Aurea-Inanis
User PyroDesu
Gender Male
Age 25
Profession Transhuman
Role Dam Destroyer
First Mission 4 (China-9)
Missions Survived 0
Reason assigned to HMRC Annoying a Magister
Status KIA


At character creationEdit

A fairly heavy-set, stocky man, with very pale skin and raven hair, which is almost always mussed. His eyes don't stay one color, ranging from green to blue, although there is always at least a slight tinge of gray. Observant people around him may notice that his eyes are particularly vivid and change to match whatever shirt he might be wearing. He is clean-shaven, and wears half-rimmed rectangular glasses whenever he's out of a suit (in a suit, he keeps the faceplate down, relying on it to clarify images for him. Without, he is quite short-sighted.)

Current (Out of Armor)Edit

Mechanical arms and legs created by The Doctor.

Current (In Armor)Edit

A standard MkI.

Personal InformationEdit

Very intelligent, but not very well-versed in social mannerisms, and while he is a man of very few words, if you do manage to get him to start talking, he doesn't quite know when to stop, and if involved in an argument, tends not to back down very easily. However, in general, he is quite submissive, quite the opposite of when he is agitated. He is the kind of man that enjoys to tinker with anything he can get his hands on, which has lead to some... interesting experiments on his part. More than that, though, he has always had a fascination with cybernetics, although he thinks that total conversion may be a bit extreme, he thinks better of it than most, but he has never really had the opportunity to hack off a limb and get converted (Pathetic local medical "Professionals"). However, his intellect did come in handy securing a lucrative job: Adviser to the local Magister.

Cause of Death: Atomized in a miniature star that he accidentally created whilst standing on the vertical surface of a hydroelectric dam on China-9.

The Tinkerer responsible for the "Sibilus" Rocket/Gauss Hybrid Rifle.



Strength 2 -1
Dexterity 3 0
Endurance 2 -1
Charisma 0 -2
Intelligence 10 +2/3
Willpower 3 0


(P) Speech 0 -2
Intuition 1 0
Handiwork 3 +1/3
Conventional 0 -1
Unconventional 1 0
(B) Exotic 0 0
Auxiliary 0 -1
Medical 0 -1


Mission historyEdit

Last Levelup: N/A
Mission 4