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Multi-Function Power Gauntlet
Category Conventional
Cost 10 tokens
Standard Clip Size Internal rechargeable battery
Standard Clip Cost 1 token
Requirements Strength at least +1, or Exoskeleton or higher strength
Origin Standard

Description: A large metal gauntlet that extends about halfway up the forearm, with several squat metal bulges on the top and underside. This gauntlet, beyond being a durable armored glove with mechanically enhanced strength, has several neat features built into it:

  • The underside sports a grappling claw (and attached 100 meter cable) which can be fired at targets or the environment.
  • The upper section has a built in pulse laser system and foot long, extending blade.
  • The palm has a built in electrical discharge system not unlike the tesla arc, though on a smaller scale obviously.
  • The pointer finger has a built in laser cutter, similar to a cutting torch, and there's a kinetic amp built into the knuckles.

The only downside is that the system runs off a shared battery, so overuse can quickly drain it.

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