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Mk III Suit
Category Armors
Cost 13
Standard Clip Size Rocket pods good for 20 kilometers.
Standard Clip Cost
Origin Standard
SQU81071-Vanquish-Bogey-Figure-A 3

Description:Take a Mk II Suit, equip it with an exoskeleton strength augmentation system, a dozen different small maneuvering rockets and two large articulated “wing” rocket pods and you've got the Mk III suit. The pinnacle of traditional suit design, it grants the user enhanced strength, endurance and speed, and allows them to fly above the battlefield with a level of maneuverability that outshines even a rocket bike.

Extra Info: Secret features needed to be found out IC somehow (Aux/GenKnow rolls or asking around), but these days it might be common knowledge. Its max speed is 500 miles per hour, but if you decide to fly that fast you're rolling Aux to control your flight. 100mph is the maximum "safe" (not rolling to avoid splatting yourself against a wall) speed. Avoid damage to the MkIII's rocket pods or you might fight yourself on fire at best or exploded into bite-sized chunks at worst since they contain the fuel they burn.


  • Exoskeleton-level strength
  • Exoskeleton-assisted endurance (+1 under old system)
  • Extreme mobility and maneuverability (+1 to movement rolls (dodging, etc) under old system)
  • Buzz Mode (Secret Feature): "buzz" a few inches off the ground, using little fuel but allowing fast movement; basically a low-altitude hover mode.
  • Motion Tracker (Secret Feature): like it says on the tin, the HUD tracks motion through colored afterimages; on the bad side, vigorous movement on your part or any environmental "noise" (such as buffeting winds filled with particles) will make it useless.
  • Enhanced Movement Mode (Secret Feature): Even further increased strength and and agility of the user (+1 to strength and dexterity under old system), but drains fuel like crazy.
  • Exaggerated Movement Mode (from Exoskeleton): Increases mobility of simple movements (e.g. dodging out of way; +1 to Dex under old system), while simultaneously increasing the difficulty of complex ones (Req +1 Dex under old system to avoid Dex rolls).

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