Mission Briefing Edit

You're the only one we've got good, 100% solid, not at all shakey info for. You're going to EUE coordinates 2,0,0. Rustverse. According to our continued theoretical plotting, we can safely predict the existence of a high level power source and extra-universal entity somewhere in there. We don't really know what it is or looks like but it will probably be glowing. Or floating. Or spinning or humming or something. You guys have been around long enough to know what alien powersources look like. Milno fingerbanged one on his first mission. It even made him a sandwich afterwards, in a round about fashion. In any case, you need to find it (we'll give you the nessicary gadgets to test things to see if it's the kind of power we need) and you need to bring it home so we can use it to destroy the universe in a very particular way. We could honestly destroy it in a lot of ways but this way is best because it leaves nothing for no one so we get to give a fuck you to the lurker and also cover our tracks. 

Problem is that Rustverse appears to be filled with highly efficient metalorganic killbots and nothing we sent made it more than a few rooms. I suggest weapons that effect metal and mechanical things well. Also, tetanus shots.

Once you're ready, we're gonna port you into rustverse. Once there you have to find a suitable power source and then return from whence you came. We're gonna teleport anything in the starting room back to our world once an hour, so after you've got the goods, you've gotta get it back to the starting room and wait to be ported home. Don't be surprised if you are greeted with weapons and self destruct devices. We're not entirely sure whats gonna be coming out of  that portal after all, especially with blind teleports from hostile dimensions.  In terms of rescue, the only way back is out through the starting room. You can go in and out as much as you want; but only from that one spot.



Cheat Sheep

List of volunteers Edit

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