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We're gonna be bringing you to a very distant asteroid where you will have the job of, with the help of some scientists, constructing the weapon which will destroy the universe. This is basically gonna be a series of extra-universal fetch quests involving all manner It's basically gonna be you guys getting ported in with a certain objective and then having to find that thing in a certain amount of time. Because remember, we don't have portals that just sit open all nice and lazy, we can port you in and out but there's no lackadaisical wandering back and forth. This is STALKER speed running. I recommend good well rounded loadouts because anything could be waiting beyond the veil and there's no guarantee everything will work on it. A wide variety of damage types is suggested. Along with limiting the number of people going on any particular trip, so that if something goes colossally wrong, it won't wipe the team. 



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