Campus map

Investigate a University that has disappeared and apparently does not want to be found. All investigators found nothing or disappeared and all people have for some reason forgotten it exists, despite the physical evidence for its existence.

You will be investigating both the inside of the anomaly, trying to determine what it holds, as well as the outside of the anomaly, to gather scientific data and try and determine what anomalies in general are and why they exist.

Dr. Maurice Sanctor of Hephaestus will be organizing and leading this mission. There will be two teams of four, as such a second team leader will be required.

You will be using one of the Paracelsus' Sword's sister ships and taking it to Noblis-3 where the anomaly is located.

As an anomaly mission, your level is less important. A calm, clear head and good ideas are probably more important. That said, mindfuck is still probable, so prepare and act accordingly.



Cheat Sheep


Team IEdit

Team IIEdit

Issued equipmentEdit


  • standard 10-ft. poles, several
  • food supplies (suit-feeding stuff or robot-food-stuff) for at least a couple weeks
  • nuts/bolts for throwing
  • rope and duct-tape
  • extra cameras, installed on suits (only for fleshies; robots already have extra cameras)
  • a can of spraypaint
  • local dictionaries (electronic, uploaded to suits/robo-bodies)
  • artifact containers, new
  • a knife
  • "Mad Hatter" map-making reality-augmenting software

Mission equipment:Edit

  • a crate of light-source equipment (lightropes, lamps, lightsticks, etc.)
  • two cans of medifoam - assigned to Han Thren
  • an emergency kit - assigned to Han Thren
  • 1-kiloton 'clean' nuke of Simus's design (set to explode if we all die) - assigned to Bartolomew Markov
  • Sensors and 3D camera - assigned to Konrad Curtz
  • QEC unit - assigned to Ulrich Leland


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