Objective: Figure out what "Eater of cold" is.



Mission can be read in 'bookform' here

Team Edit

Organizer: Steve

Welcome to Q'Baja! You're headed to one of the lesser kingdoms on the planet to investigate a... thing. Have fun!

Mission ReportEdit


This one is a bit of a lark. We have an agent with one of the less kings here. He'd been out of contact for years and we'd assumed he'd gone native, but he just contacted his handler and requested a team as soon as possible. Details are scarce, but apparently a meteor came down nearby in the desert and he fear something he calls, and this translates poorly, the "Eater of Cold".

This appears to reference a myth from that culture's past; some sort of spirit that inhabits humans and destroys civilizations by withering their crops and people. Normally we'd discount this as superstition, but the man wasn't, in the past, prone to believing in such things, so we're investigating.


  • Cecil: Possessed by the 'Eater of Cold' and sliced by Dern.
  • Dern: Possessed by the 'Eater of Cold' after he killed Cecil.
  • Sambo: Possessed by the 'Eater of Cold' after lasering it to death.

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