Welcome to Q'Baha. We're here because the UWM has significant biotech and warfare facilities here, and we want them. Go in, negotiate for their use, and secure the facilities from the UWM.

Objective: Negotiate alliance and rights biotech.



Mission can be read in 'bookform' here

Team Edit

The negotiations are over, as is the UWM compound assault. Steve used his laser batteries to bombard their communications, after which everyone moved in and slaughtered everything that moved, soldier and civilian alike. ARM personnel were split up into two teams, team Koala and team Panda. Once the compound was cleared, a nuclear bomb was set off, destroying the entire base. See maps for battle plan details. 

Mission 17 map adapted

current attack plan

Team Koala:

  • Miya: squad leader
  • Lars
  • Lyra
  • Mesk
  • Daineal

Team Panda:

  • Maurice: squad leader
  • Flint
  • Renen
  • Bart
  • Jim Dead by dramabomb
Mission 17 map original improved

assault route

Mission ReportEdit


You're going to the plane Q'Baja. It's a cold, dry planet with more land then oceans. Tundras are common, with some large forests near the equator, and glaciers everywhere else. Water rationing is common, so don't be wasteful if they give you any. It would be quite rude.

It was settled by Wayfarers, and the faith is still common. There are a few kingdoms on the planet, but the majority of it is controlled by one Monarchy, so that's the one we're going to talk to. The king here rules by Divine Rule, in that he's descended from the captain of the ship that first discovered this planet, which most wayfarers view as god giving him the planet.

We're here because, like most Wayfarer societies, they value knowledge. In particular they have highly advanced Biosystems and Warfare facilities, as well as several Synthflesh production plants and research stations for bioweapons and other research. Their actions are highly restricted by the UWM at the moment; getting them on our side would free them to do the research they'd like to do, and allow us to benefit from it. This is important because we believe that as this war drags on, the UWM will begin abandoning its biotech bans and will begin using it against us. So we're going to take their research before they can start it.

Recovered EquipmentEdit

  • 60+ revivable heads
  • Several comatose/bedridden hospital patients saved from ARM's rampage

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