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Mir Yakovlev
User lw
Gender Male
Age 27
Profession Technician
First Mission 18 (Eater of Cold)
Missions Survived 1
Reason assigned to HMRC Accidental murder of 9 lab coworkers
Status Inactive

While still alive, this character is no longer active in-game due to player inactivity.

Due to player inactivity, this character is at the moment no longer part of the game.


At character creationEdit

5'9", grey/green eyes, brown middle-long combed hair with white temples. Skinny, non-muscular body type; appears lower than he is because of bad posture.

Current (Out of Armor)Edit

A slightly worn lab coat with common casual clothing underneath. Wears an electronic watch with a calculator.

Current (In Armor)Edit

A standard MkI.

Personal InformationEdit

Born in some Northern-European country from Russian parents. Applied physics MSc. Does not like being interrupted or not allowed to speak, otherwise pretty calm.



Strength 2 -1
Dexterity 3 0
Endurance 2 -1
Charisma 3 0
Intelligence 7 +1/3
Willpower 3 0


Speech 0 -1
Intuition 0 -1
(B) Handiwork 3 +1 +1/3
Conventional 1 0
Unconventional 0 -1
(P) Exotic 0 -2
Auxiliary 1 0
Medical 0 -1


Mission historyEdit

Last Levelup: Never
Mission 18

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