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Category Armors
Cost 8 or 10 Tokens
Standard Clip Size
Standard Clip Cost
Requirements None
Origin Caellath(HMRC), syvarris (ARM)

A thinned down version of battle suit armor, cut to fit on the MK-X Suits. The chest piece can take a military gauss rifle round or up to a minute of sustained laser fire or (probably) several gunpowder-powered weaponry bullets and let you keep going. Unfortunately, it is fairly heavy and equipping the whole set will weigh down a MkIII's exoskeleton enough as to deny it its original strength bonus according to Word of God.

This armor was made popular by Milno Enedrasi, who was the first to suggest the design and introduce its use, and then have personally attested its defensive properties in the field. By repeatedly getting shot and not even once stopping to give a shit about that, of course - it was that good.

While syvarris updated milnoplate for armory inclusion, Caellath was the actual inventor who came up with the armor. As such, they have agreed to share token royalties when someone purchases the armor. Tokens are split equally when possible, with Cael getting the remaining token when applicable, such as when someone purchases a heavy suit or helmet.


  • 1 token: Helmet
  • 6 tokens: Torso (Including chestplate, backplate, abdomen and and all-around torso protection)
  • 8 tokens: Flight/Light (Helmet, Torso, Shoulder/Hip protection, thin hexsand coating on the entire body.) The heaviest that a MK3 can wear and retain full mobility.
  • 10 tokens: Full/Heavy (Full body protection)

Old prices:Edit

These prices are for the individual plates, not for a set.

  • 3 tokens: Chest Plate, Back plate, Upper Leg
  • 2 tokens: Pauldrons, Upper Arms, Pelvis Plates
  • 1 token: Helmet, Shin Pads, Forearm Plates, Knuckle pads, Knee Guards
  • Half-thick milnoplate can be bought for half the price, and provide half as much protection.

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