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Microwave Field Manipulator
Category Unconventional
Cost 3 Tokens
Standard Clip Size 20
Standard Clip Cost 3
Requirements 5 Intelligence
Origin Standard

Description: Named more for it's effects then the actual mechanism of interaction-something about increasing or decreasing intermolecular vibration-but the net result is that it makes things hot or cold. You can heat a cup of coffee, melt steel like butter, or boil a man's brain in his skull. It is also worth noting that the manipulator can measure the heat of nearby objects and report their temperatures to the user.[1] This is the most common type of manipulator used by former HMRC members and is often the cause of many deaths because of it.

Also known as the Mass Murder Manipulator, for the various Unfortunate Incidents that have occurred due to their use. These include China-9 and Ice-9.

Manipulator batteries are interchangeable, and along with Manipulators themselves, are Black Box items (meaning that trying to take them apart will cause them to explode).

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