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Micro-Servitor Manipulation System "Sandbag"
Category Exotic
Cost 5 tokens
Standard Clip Size Varies depending of use
Standard Clip Cost 3 token bag refill
Requirements At least +1 Exotic Weapons skill
Origin Samsonite Abyss

Description: A weapon created using information gleaned from data collected in the Samsonite Abyss. A combination of a large backpack container filled with lab modified "Sand" creatures and an arm mounted sonic device to control them. The Sand can act either as a mass of particles or form together into simple shapes. However, unlike the true sand of the Abyss, once it forms a hardened shape, it is stuck like that.

WARNING: This system is somewhat limited in that it requires some form of light as well as an environment with sound in order to work.


  • Effective only in environments that allow the transference of sound.
  • Requires exposure to minimum levels of light to remain active.

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