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Matter Saver
Category Unonventional
Cost 4
Standard Clip Size 1
Standard Clip Cost Varies
Requirements None
Origin ARM

Machine that allows matter to be saved into cartridges. These cartridges come in various sizes, depending upon price. When "loading" the matter it can be given various different properties, such as velocity. The matter that is saved is pulled into the cartridge and resides there until loaded. This can be done with living creatures, including players, but there might be side effects. Loading can be done selectively as well, loading only part of the matter in the cartridge rather than the entire thing.

Box about the size and shape of a briefcase, with a screen and keypad on one large flat side, the scanner on the top where the handle would be on the briefcase, and the cartridge slot on the left side.

The cartridges are priced by the area they cover. 1 cubic foot is 1 token. 2 cubic feet is 2 tokens, and so on. Cartridges can be reused indefinitely.

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