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Matter Converter Psychokinetic Amplifier
Category Exotic
Cost 20 Tokens
Standard Clip Size N/A
Standard Clip Cost N/A
Requirements 20 Willpower
Origin Standard

Description: By tearing atomic structures down to their component particles and then rearranging them this Amp allows the user to literally transform one configuration of matter into another. Need half a pound of C-4? Convert a rock! Need a wrench? Convert a rock! Need to halt the advances of a forty foot tall xeno? Convert its brain into a rock! Alternately, convert its brain into a 10 Kiloton Charge to confuse and vaporize it's friends. Keep in mind that this thing is gonna need a lot of gray matter to function, so don't go using too much or you may end up converting your own brain into a rock.

Like Manipulators, Psychokinetic Amplifiers are Black Box items, and are prone to explosions if you try to open them up. They're also surgically implanted into your head, so you won't have much chance to do this.

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