This is a page for all the materials ARM knows about.

See also the Artifact Data page.

Avatar PlateEdit

Battlesuit PlateEdit

Inner Battlesuit PlateEdit


electro-memory meta-materialsEdit

A material that can be bent or twisted and, when subjected to an electrical charge, will nearly instantaneously return to it's original shape. This means you could have a bow or crossbow that is easy to pull and load but fires with extremely great force.

A wrist mounted crossbow would cost 3 tokens. A massive sniper crossbow would cost 6-7, and would fire arrows at 3 times the speed of a Gauss Rifle.

This is the material used for LESHO Rifle rails.


Forcefield is less a material and more a projection from any natural material. It is created by applying specific radiation at any material. It posesses few interesting features:

  • More fragile the anchor material, stronger the forcefield.
  • Forcefield has time based a damage threshold. While it can block one gauss rifle round each second forever, it cannot take million rounds in single second without failing.
  • If forcefield receives more damage than it can withstand, the anchor material will explode. And more fragile the anchor is, more powerful explosion. Easily up to small nuke levels.
  • Forcefield is frictionless.
  • It cannot be modified or disabled after its creation.







An extremely strong, extremely lightweight metal. Armour made from it would let you literally tank a nuke.

Mythril is stupidly expensive. It's really more of an example of the fact that super strong shit exists, but it's so prohibitively expensive that you'll never get it. And if you could afford it you'd be better off just buying something else.

It costs 30 tokens for "plate" of armour. We do not know how large those plates are.

As per mixing it into armor, you could do that I suppose, but even just mixing in small amounts it's gonna be very expensive. You could probably get a reasonable increase in the strength of the metal covering a MKIII for about 10 tokens.

Scrap MetalEdit



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