Mason Kervech
User Anailater
Gender Male
Age 26
Profession Fleshtech
Role Unknown
First Mission 6 (Samsonite Abyss)?
Missions Survived 1?
Reason assigned to HMRC Shopliffiting and on purpose
Status Dead


At character creationEdit

Caucasion, ginger, brown eyes, goatee, always wears sunglasses, 5'9.

Current (Out of Armor)Edit


Current (In Armor)Edit


Personal InformationEdit

Born in a poor family, his parents did what they had to so they could survive, and they were caught for it. Mason turned to a life of crime, when he heard that his parents were killed by a notorious serial killer in the H.M.R.C., he got himself caught so he could find the bastard and make him pay. Unfortunately the serial killer was already dead, and he is stuck on the ship of hell.

Reason assigned to HMRC: Shopliffiting and on purpose

Machine gunned by by Travis's Gunnerbot after attempting to assassinate Travis.



Strength 0 -1
Dexterity 3 0
Endurance 3 0
Charisma 4 0
Intelligence 5 +1/3
Willpower 5 +1/3


Speech 0 -1
Intuition 1 0
Handiwork 0 -1
(P) Conventional 0 -2
Unconventional 1 0
Exotic 0 -1
(B) Auxiliary 0 0
(B) Medical 3 +1 +1/3

Mission historyEdit

Last Levelup: N/A
Mission 6

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