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MCP-Aero Suit "Fat Sparrow"
Category Armors
Cost 8 tokens
Standard Clip Size 5 hours
Standard Clip Cost
Requirements At least 0 Auxiliary skill
Origin Sean Mirrsen(ARM)

The one and only good thing to be said about this suit: it flies. Based on a streamlined MCP-II suit and a lightweight, aerodynamic exoskeleton, the Aero achieves lift via two large electric ducted fans, mounted to its shoulders on swiveling pylons. Two smaller fans on the ankles aid maneuvering, and can easily propel the suit through water. Intended to be used on populated worlds and long missions, the suit emphasizes discreetness, accessibility, and flight time over sheer speed and power.


MCP Aero

Concept sketch of the suit in action.

  • Strength Augment : Equivalent to standard Robobody.
  • Armor : Light Hexsand armor on chest, helmet, and over the engine pods.
  • Flight : Up to 200kph in a straight line. Maximum cargo capacity 80kg. Sufficiently dense atmosphere only (but not necessarily breathable).
  • Extra Info : Quieter than a Mk3 when flying, and much less noticeable via light and heat. Propels itself well underwater. Fans can fold back to let the user walk through doors.

Rechargeable battery good for up to 5 hours of continuous use.

Optional Gear : Single-use Blueraditite cell good for several days of continuous flight. 4 token.


  • Hover Mode : The suit's built-in altimeter allows it to hover a set distance from the ground, or at a set altitude above sea level, should the user not feel like touching the ground for a while.
  • Overboost : Pushes the engines to the limit, doubling lifting power, maximum speed, and power consumption. Requires AUX roll to successfully use.
  • Fanpack Jettison (semi-secret): If activated, explosive bolts at the base of the gimbal arms separate the fans from the suit. System isn't usually accessible, but prompts the user to activate if the fans suffer critical damage.
  • Parachute : Lightweight, steerable parachute. Allows survival and controlled landing should the above system be used in flight.

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