Leon Tyler
User mesor
Gender Male
Age 21
Profession Grunt (+1 Auxiliary, -1 Exotic)
Role ?
First Mission 7
Missions Survived ?
Reason assigned to HMRC Manslaughter
Status Dead


At character creationEdit

Short black hair , Pale blue eyes , 6 ft tall and extensively muscled with long jagged scar's lacing hes arms.

Current (Out of Armor)Edit


Current (In Armor)Edit


Personal InformationEdit

Leon was a trickster growing up ranging from stink bombs to playing with the brakes on hes friends bikes. As he grew he's pranks became steadilly more dangerous and once he turned 18 with no extensive skills he got a job as an officer worker but found this life was far to boring for him and so the pranks began again. On April the 1st he set a prank outside the officer but it went wrong and in the process several office workers who had leapt aside to avoid the prank were hit by a car and killed. Afraid of what would happen in jail he insted joint the HMRC.



Strength 4 0
Dexterity 4 0
Endurance 6 +1/3
Charisma 3 0
Intelligence 3 0
Willpower 0 -1


Speech 0 -1
Intuition 0 -1
Handiwork 1 0
Conventional 2 0
Unconventional 0 -1
(P) Exotic 0 -2
(B) Auxiliary 2 +1
Medical 0 -1


Mission historyEdit

Last Levelup: N/A
Mission 7

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