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Category Conventional
Cost 18 Tokens
Standard Clip Size 3 rounds
Standard Clip Cost 2 tokens per round
Requirements 15 Strength or Synthflesh
Origin Standard

Description: Take a railgun, modify it for extreme accuracy, fit it to fire a quarter kiloton shell, fit that shell with miniature maneuvering rockets and a computer to control them. Then link that computer to a targeting system in the railgun so that it can guide that hypersonic chunk of metal to a target a mile and a half away within a 2 inch margin of error. That's the LESHO Rifle. A weapon for when you need to kill something very dead from very far away. It is very effective but also very situational, since you rarely get the chance to see your targets from that kind of distance in the various claustrophobic nightmare mazes a lot of missions seem to end up in.

Ammunition is nuclear by default, but non-nuclear rounds can be purchased as well. Ammunition includes ammo types similar to standard gauss ammo types, like grav-shells.

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