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Kugelblitz GML
Category Conventional Weapons
Cost 6 tokens
Standard Clip Size 1 guided rocket, or 2 unguided rockets
Standard Clip Cost 1 token
Requirements Exoskeleton and +0 STR (and +1 AUX if using guided rounds)
Origin Yancy Hargraves (ARM)

Description:A launcher that fires optionally guided mini-missiles, this weapon has true sniping capability with a generous maximum range(out to a few kilometers) and great accuracy even with dumbfire rounds. Comes standard with armor piercing and high explosive rounds, and can be equipped to fire nuclear rounds.

Note: guided ammo can do course correction, but doesn't really propel itself, velocity mostly comes from launcher. Armor piercing Mini-missiles can threaten a battlesuit, but 3-4 hits would be needed to reliably kill one.

Nuke round cost breakdown:

  • 1/16th kiloton - 2 tokens for one guided or unguided/ 3 tokens for two unguided
  • 1/8th kiloton - 3 tokens for one guided or unguided/ 5 tokens for two unguided
  • 1 kiloton and above - X+1 for one guided/ X for one unguided, where X is Armory cost of that nuke.

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