Knuser Ansitker
User salsacookies
Gender Male
Age 23
Profession Unconventional Mercenary
Role Unknown
First Mission 14
Missions Survived 1
Reason assigned to HMRC Terrorist Acts of Violence
Status Inactive

While still alive, this character is no longer active in-game due to player inactivity.


At character creationEdit

Albino, stocky,muscular build, glowing blue runic tattoos on the sides of head, arms, and chest. White mohawk and lambchops, with icy blue eyes. Teeth sharpened to fine, sharp tips. 5' 9", 210 lbs.

Current (Out of Armor)Edit

See above.

Current (In Armor)Edit

A standard MCP-I.

Personal InformationEdit

As a member of an unnamed violent raiding clan, he has lived his whole life as a vicious hunter. He, along with his brothers and sisters, lived off the land, and terrorised the surrounding countryside with violent raids and pillages. The local community eventually located the nomadic tribe, and war broke between the two. The government eventually stopped the fighting, and he was sent to the HMRC as a death penalty. The fate of his other clan members remains unknown.



Strength 8 +1/3
Dexterity 3 0
Endurance 7 +1/3
Charisma 1 -1
Intelligence 3 0
Willpower 3 0


Speech 0 -1
(B) Intuition 2 +1
(P) Handiwork 0 -2
Conventional 3 +1/3
(B) Unconventional 3 +1 +1/3
Exotic 0 -1
Auxiliary 0 -1
(P) Medical 0 -2


Mission historyEdit

Last Levelup: Mission 14
Mission 14

  • Str +3 End +2; Uncon +2 Intu +1

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