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Kinetic Shunt
Category Unconventional
Cost 16 Tokens
Standard Clip Size 30
Standard Clip Cost 3
Requirements 17 Intelligence
Origin Standard

Description: A very specifically modified Field Manipulator that allows the user to absorb, store and redirect kinetic energy. Detonate a grenade in your hand, absorb the force and use it to knock down a door: catch a piece of high speed shrapnel and use the absorbed force to fire pebbles like machinegun bullets; have a squad mate beat you in the face with a hammer and use that kinetic force to mix batter for your dear sweet mother's birthday cake. The possibilities are endless!

Note that the Kinetic Shunt has to be intentionally activated to provide any protection. Also, despite being described as a modified Field Manipulator, the Kinetic Shunt is actually "armor", in that it is worn on the body. It's about as physically protective as clothing when not activated.

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