Jonathon Sommer
User Vivalas
Gender Male
Age 32
Profession Conventional Mercenary
Role Unknown
First Mission 0
Missions Survived 0
Reason assigned to HMRC Excessive Force
Status Inactive

While still alive, this character is no longer active in-game due to player inactivity.


At Character CreationEdit

About 5' 5", rather short, stocky build, short red hair and Van Dyke mustache. Limps everywhere he goes, has a civilian mechanical right hand and right leg, as well as his left foot is pronated awkwardly. His shoulder and back are distorted in an awkward way.

Current, Out of ArmorEdit

See above

In ArmorEdit

A man in a standard MCP-I.

Personal InformationEdit

His previous profession was along the lines of Law Enforcement. He served as private Coporate Security on a few installations. He has weapons training, etc. Southern Accent, and his breath smells heavily of alcohol (Read: Drunkard). Can be stubborn and a real prick sometimes.

Reason assigned to HMRC: Excessive Force. beat a suspect in a back room, to try and get them to "spill the beans", was caught. He thought that being a hardass and getting to take some names was better than spending 15 years in prison. How badly he was mistaken.


Strength 5 +1/3
Dexterity 4 0
Endurance 5 +1/3
Charisma 1 -1
Intelligence 2 -1
Willpower 3 0

Speech 0 -1
(B) Intuition 2 +1
(P) Handiwork 1 -1
(B) Conventional 2 +1
Unconventional 0 -1
Exotic 0 -1
Auxiliary 0 -1
(P) Medical 0 -2


  • MCP-I
  • 5 Tokens 
  • HMRC Standard (alcohol)

Mission HistoryEdit

Last Levelup: Never

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