Hunter Kahn
User Patrick Hunt
Gender Male
Age 23
Profession Exotic Mercenary
Role Human Electric Eel
First Mission 11 (Assault on Hephaestus)
Missions Survived 1
Reason assigned to HMRC Genetic Experimentation
Status Dead


At character creationEdit

Short brown hair with dark green eyes, tall and powerfully built.

Current (Out of Armor)Edit

Black, scaly and slimy skin. Glowing bioluminescence nodules line his spine, arms, face, and other sections of his body. Gills on his neck. Electrical discharge constantly leaps between his fingers. His jaw and face resemble those of a Viper fish more then a human.

Current (In Armor)Edit

A standard MkI.

Personal InformationEdit

A strong and violent man who had a thing for genetic experiments, mainly he volunteered to have them performed on him hoping to become better. Arrested for genetics experimentation and chose the HMRC over death.

Cause of Death: Killed and eaten by Xan while braindead suffering from advanced stasis dementia.



Strength 4 0
Dexterity 5 +1/3
Endurance 5 +1/3
Charisma 3 0
Intelligence 0 -1
Willpower 3 0


Speech 0 -1
(B) Intuition 0 0
(P) Handiwork 0 -2
Conventional 3 +1/3
Unconventional 1 0
(B) Exotic 3 +1 +1/3
Auxiliary 2 0
(P) Medical 0 -2

(The human electric eel)


Mission historyEdit

Last levelup N/A
Mission 11

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