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Heavy Gauss Cannon
Category Conventional
Cost 10 tokens
Standard Clip Size 3 rounds
Standard Clip Cost 3 token
Requirements 10 Strength or Exoskeleton
Origin Standard

Description: How does one improve on the Gauss rifle? They make it three times as big and load it with a 1/16th kiloton nuclear tipped shells of course. This hulking brute of a cannon is the sort of thing most men can't wield without a powered exoskeleton or genetic modification, and even fewer can withstand the force of its recoil. Also, just in case this wasn't clear, don't fire it at close range unless you like fission assisted suntans.

Like the gauss rifle, this is capable of firing subsonic shots for stealth. Although, you should probably be seriously rethinking things if you're trying to use this for stealth.

Gauss Cannon ammo:

  • Nuclear tipped.
    • Standard.
    • 3 tokens per clip.
  • AP rounds
    • Armor Piercing round.
    • 3 tokens per clip.
  • Solid metal
    • Solid metal round.
    • 2 tokens per clip.
  • Hellshot
    • 5 tokens per clip.

  • G-Shells
    • 4 tokens per round. [1]

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