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Hand Cannon
Category Conventional
Cost 3 tokens
Standard Clip Size 1
Standard Clip Cost 2 tokens
Requirements None
Origin Standard

Description: The Hand Cannon is an interesting beast; part weapon and support system, it resembles an oversized flare gun with a large barrel. It uses magnetic repulsion to fire large shells of varying kinds over long distances but at relatively low velocities. The majority of the Hand Cannon's rounds consist of a thin shell which breaks apart after leaving the barrel and exposing a glob if highly sticky goo with the actual payload embedded within it. The rounds are meant to be fired and stick to their targets, allowing explosives, tracking systems, cameras and similar things to be quickly and easily affixed to surfaces, even those out of reach. The shells communicate with the gun, which sends signals to the user's wristpad, allowing them to control any of the shells functions.

Comes with choice of 3 rounds to begin with. Additional rounds are 2 for a token.

  • Timed Explosive
  • Proximity Explosive
  • Remote Explosive
  • Molten shell
  • High energy rocket motor
  • Flechette bomb
  • Tracking system
  • Motion sensor
  • Camera
  • Flare
  • Rubber Round
  • Foam bomb

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