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Haebi Limb
Category Exotic
Cost 8
Standard Clip Size
Standard Clip Cost
Requirements None
Origin ARM

The bodywarping power of the fleshhorror and the Haebi condensed down into a single limb. Can be applied to any limb, but each purchase only gets you a single limb. The flesh-warping is somewhat limited by the amount of organic material it can get hold of, but could be fed with any living or dead tissue, so feel free to use the corpses of our allies to empower yourself.

Out-of-box Haebi arm looks mostly human, though a bit too greenish yellow and it lacks finger nails.

Known abilitiesEdit

  • Can, indeed, produce Haebi acid, but needs "better than glass" to contain.
  • Can get very wiggly.
  • Can form bio-metallic knives.

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