Official NameFriable Wish
Price3 Tokens
BoxA small egg shaped container.


A black velvety bag with the top closed via a drawstring. Inside the bag are a handful (6) of what look like oddly geometric candies, or maybe pills.

Effect: One pill was taken by Henk Reinold while in the rec room. It drew all the people in the room together into a single entity. two of the six were 'subsumed', and therefore killed. The remaining four retained their minds and are together known as 'Cthunkan.'

Code DetailsEdit

Major Origin: Intentionally Created by Humans (ICH)
Secondary Origin: Historical artifact (HA)
Type: Food (FO)
Danger Rating: Unpredictable Risks:Major (Uj)
Specific Threats: Reality Distortion (30) and Fusion (9)


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